Diva Tile

Brand: Braas

The texture designs of Braas Diva, created in the design offices of Braas in Italy, provide different color perceptions and shadow effects on the roofs throughout the day with its unique surface texture and light and dark color transitions. Thanks to the orange peel surface technology offered only by Braas, an extraordinary and eye-catching roof can be obtained with the texturing technique that makes each tile unique beyond a color or pattern.

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Villa or apartment anywhere in the sloping roof with all the housing in Turkey, tourist and recreational facilities, public buildings and so on. It can be used safely in all buildings within the Braas tile application principles.

• Material: Cement-based tile
• Dimensions: 33 x 42 cm
• Weight (piece): 4.50 kg
• Approximate consumption: 10 pcs / m2
• Surface: Orange Peel
• Texture options: Anatolian Sun (White / brown on red background) and Olympos Fire (Red on gray background)

- It has 30 years of product properties guarantee against water and frost.
- TSE and CE