Breathable Roof System

Brand: Braas

Braas, with the understanding of "Roof is a system that needs to be solved", offers dozens of detailed solutions that are compatible with each other and produced with new generation technologies. In the Braas Breathable Modular Roof System, "Braas Tile" guaranteed against water and frost for 30 years, "Water Insulation Solutions" that breathe and save energy, "Thermal Insulation Solutions" that offer maximum energy efficiency by preventing thermal bridges, long-lasting and aesthetic Modular "Rain Removal Solutions" produced from materials, "Solar Energy Systems" integrated with the roof, "Skylights and Roof Windows" for attic lighting, chimney and chimney cap solutions, Figaroll Plus dry (mortarless) ridge solutions, Yakaflex chimney and wall bottom insulations, sloping valley stream, canopy solutions and many more rational solutions.

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Villa or apartment anywhere in the sloping roof with all the housing in Turkey, tourist and recreational facilities, public buildings and so on. It can be used safely in all buildings within the Braas tile application principles.

"Breathing modular roof system" based on the principle of effective ventilation of the space between the tiles and the roof surface; It is important for the materials that make up the roof to fulfill their real functions, to be long-lasting and at the same time to create a roof environment free from moisture and dampness. For this purpose, Braas carefully designs all the details that make up the system and offers a “solution package” that is in maximum harmony with each other.