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RETA Architecture

About the Company

The company, which started its operations in 1991 with 20 years of market experience, works with a turnkey project and application team in the field of construction, interior architecture and design in the country and abroad. RETA is known for its creative designs and perfect work in the field of architecture and interior design; is the leading "architecture, interior architecture, construction project management and contracting" firm of our country.
Museums: “Designing and exhibiting graphic and exhibition units in accordance with the modern museology understanding in accordance with the subject by making the restoration of the building”
Commercial Spaces: “Offices, bank branches, shopping malls, educational buildings”
Hotels & Hospitals: “Conference halls, museums, automobile showrooms, cinemas, business centers etc.”
Private Villas & Residences: It is known for its "wide-scale, project and application of all types of buildings" experience.
The main key to Reta's success is that Reta can manage a project from the very beginning to the end with its manpower and developed systems, and to consider it as Engineering-Architecture-Interior Architecture-"construction project management" and "turnkey contracting" services and to realize this integrity.
Our office, which has been in our reference list since 1991; carries out museum, residence and office projects, restoration, renovation, decoration and construction operations. Our application team has done and continues to do many projects and applications with both domestic and foreign customers, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.


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RETA Architecture

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