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  • Fanus Mimarlık

  • 2018

LED illuminated polycarbonate façade systems are a new concept approach in the façade sector. Polycarbonate material reflects daylight with its superior light transmittance and is currently used in outdoor advertising with artificial lighting at night. In fact, this kind of advertising has been moved to the building facades. Considering that today's buildings are integral parts of the city's integrity, the contribution to the city's night illumination will increase with the illumination of the building facades and urban life will be increased to 24 hours. This architectural approach led to the production of outdoor LED luminaires in parallel with the technological developments in the electric luminaire sector. The artificial light obtained by LED luminaires which can be integrated between the facade polycarbonate coating systems gives perfect architectural visuality and integrity both at outdoors and indoors at night. This concept, which is currently being implemented in a shopping mall project in Baku, Azerbaijan, was implemented by Fanus Architecture.