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Tarabya Presidential Residence (Huber Villa)

Tarabya Presidential Residence (Huber Villa)

Value added to history

The Huber Villa was built by the Huber Brothers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first architect of the building is estimated to be A. Perpignan and the date of its construction is 1903. However, additions to the main building were designed by Italian architect Raimondo D’aranco. The villa was expropriated in 1985 and allocated to the Presidency General Secretariat.

Huber Villa, which is a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Islamic, Ottoman and European architectural styles in Art-Nouveau style, consists of two buildings attached to each other.

BEECK products imported from Germany by Uzertaş were used in the restoration of the mansion, which was completed in 2018. Thanks to its technical superiority, BEECK paints ensure that painters, decorators, contractors and architects achieve the best results.