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HAN Spaces

HAN Spaces

Digital transformation in shared offices; locker management with hopinlock

The new generation office building HAN Spaces, whose spaces are designed with the fiction of "the place of people who work, share, and whose every moment is precious", is leading the digital transformation in office furniture with the use of new generation wireless electronic cabinet locks.
While VEMUS Elektronik's environmentally and business-friendly miniK10 cabinet locks, with their battery life of up to 10 years and their design, attract great attention in the country and in 40 countries, the "hopinlock online" cabinet management application, which adds value to furniture, draws attention in the digital transformation processes in office life.
Thanks to the wireless miniK10 electronic combination locks applied to the cabinets within HAN Spaces, the digital transformation of the cabinets was completed with the “hopinlock online” lock management system. In this system, cabinets can be managed online (online) from a center with cloud technology without any cables, various cabinet usage scenarios can be created and all movements can be recorded. With the hopinlock Online Lock Management System, the most efficient use of lockers is ensured by providing time-stamped and limited-term use.