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Gaziantep, one of the world's oldest cities on the ancient silk road has produced numerous social layers and urban values as a result of hosting many different cultures throughout the years. Within this context, the settlement project “Antepia” has been shaped around the idea of revealing this accumulation after careful studies on special urban area has been created by blending contemporary aesthetic values with technical fittings.

The project consists of 5 main areas. Biological ponds totaling up to 85000 square meters have been designed for the purpose of bringing one of the ancient names of the city, “ayıntap-the eye of the waterspring” into life. The pedestrian access is provided at the greatest level, the green areas creating a holistic landscape with the pond which extends uninterrupted for 650 meters and can be transited by marine vessels. The Project is also accompanied by social facilities such as a bazaar, mosque and agora as well as squares, amphitheater, picnic areas and playgrounds.

  • Site area : 563.700 m²
  • Construction area : 588.300 m²
  • Residential area : 540.000 m²
  • Landscape area : 360.200 m²
  • Total number of buildings : 152
  • Different types of buildings : 17
  • Total number of units : 3461
  • Total number of different units : 37

Egepen Deceuninck Zendow Series PVC Window and Door Systems were used in Antepia, one of the most prestigious living projects in Gaziantep.