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  • Memorial Sağlık Grubu

  • Zoom/TPU Mimarlık

  • 2018

Hospitals are like an organism designed for diagnosis, treatment, and service purposes, intended for short or long-term use, working differently like every other organ in our body and living 24/7. In addition to having many different needs, this organism needs a well-conceived light to live smoothly.

Memorial Bakırköy has a different architecture, definition, and feeling that overlaps with its function in every space. Architectural definitions vary in ceiling, wall, and furniture, as well as in light design according to needs. The planned lighting design is aimed to offer a high level of satisfaction, and a comfortable and peaceful environment to all users, psychologically, during the total of work, with different light scenarios in each unit at any time of the day. The aim of the light design of this project is primarily to create a sense of service environment that provides a high level of comfort, peace, and hospitality to solve the problem, away from the feeling of a conventional health structure for patients and all other users. This message, which is tried to be created with light, is in unity from the entrance of the hospital to the waiting areas, from the examination rooms to the patient rooms, from the corridors to all the units with different functions, and even to the facade lighting visible from the road.

While a function-oriented light was designed for the illumination of all spaces in this hospital, technical requirements by the standard were prioritized in the selection of light sources, as well as visual and psychological perception management. In all units of the hospital, the light is aesthetically integrated with the architectural details, and the latest technology LED light sources with high glare control and color correct index, energy-efficient and long-lasting LED light sources have been designed to successfully continue the operational operation.

This new hospital of the Memorial Healthcare Group in Bakırköy, which is among the most significant private healthcare investments in Turkey, offers a high level of comfort and a sense of being hosted at home with its distinctive architecture as well as a special light design that cares about the individual in terms of physiological, psychological and biological aspects. It offers a pioneering service in its sector by moving beyond its perception.

Project Info:

Location: Bahcelievler / Istanbul
Employer: Memorial Health Group
Architectural Design: Memorial Project Management
Interior Project: Zoom TPU
Static Project: Balkar Engineering
Mechanical Project: MEP Engineering
Electrical Project: ERK Project Engineering
Landscape Project: DS Architecture
Facade Consultant: Axis Facades
Lighting Consultant: NA Architectural Lighting and Design
Art Consultancy and Direction: Emedya Design
Acoustic Consultant: Karakutu Elektroakustik
Fire Evacuation Project: İtina Construction and Consulting
Transportation Consultancy: Doruk Transportation Planning
Project Start Year: 2015
Project Completion Year: 2018
Land Area: 14.060.00m²
Total Construction Area: 72,496,00 m²

Durlum's LOOP® ceiling system was also used in the project. The desired three-dimensional and aesthetic ceiling appearance has been achieved with the extremely stylish, rounded openings and lines in the LOOP® design ceiling.