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Within the scope of the Power and Desalination plant project, 83.000 m³ of concrete works were completed by Akon Group using İNTEK formwork and scaffolding systems.
The most critical part of the project in terms of formwork and scaffolding technique is the reinforced concrete curtains with a height of 10,40 meters. The thickness of the curtain, which is 1 meter at the first 6 meters, decreases to 60 centimeters at 4,40 meters. In this way, 10,40 meter high reinforced concrete curtains with variable cross-section were cast in a single time with the successful teamwork of İNTEK and Akon.

İNTEK formwork systems and quantities used in the project:

  • “İNTEVA“ wooden beam formwork system in flat curtains,
  • “ADP” adjusted circular wall formwork system at circular curtains,
  • L = 25 meters long x 2 sets for flat curtains (WT1) height
  • H = 10,40 meters,
  • L = 25 meters long x 1 set for flat curtains (WT3) with H = 4,50 meters height,
  • Totally 2.080 m² curtain formwork as L=25 meters long x 1 set for circular curtains with H= 10,40 meter height
  • With H = 10,40 meters high L = 10 meters long x 3 sets of blacksmith scaffolding
  • Curtain formworks were performed for aeration basin and discharge basin as well as mixing basin within the scope of this building.

It is easily accessible to every point of the formwork with working platforms installed on both sides of the formwork at many different levels and a safe working environment is provided.