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The mosque project of "Symbol International Investment", located in Nur-Sultan city of Kazakhstan, consists of 3 main parts: the field, haram and minarets. The building, which is the largest mosque in Central Asia, has 4 minarets and each minaret is 135 meters high. In addition, the building includes a closed parking lot with a capacity of 3500 cars, a VIP area, a prayer hall and ablutions. İNTEVA wooden beam curtain-column formwork system was used for the minaret curtains. As the minarets rise, an optimum solution has been provided for the differences in curtain sizes. The Climbing Console 240 HR system was used for the outer wall formwork of the minaret, and the Climbing Console 150A system was used for the inner wall formwork. One of the 4 minarets is named as touristic minaret. Stairs and elevators rise in this minaret, and a special solution has been applied for interior curtains. Instead of using climbing consoles, a shaft platform system was used on the inner bulkheads since the space was not sufficient. Shaft platform beams are designed to create a platform where curtain molds will sit in elevator shafts and workers can work safely in this area.

  • İNTEK Formwork systems and quantities used in the project;
  • Touristic Minaret Curtain Pattern İNTEVA : A = 472 m2 - H = 450 cm
  • Touristic Minaret Climbing Brackets 240HR : 24 pieces
  • Minaret Outer Curtain Pattern İNTEVA : A = 102.6 m2 - H = 300 cm (3 sets)
  • Minaret Outer Curtain Pattern Climbing Brackets 240HR : 24 pieces
  • Minaret Inner Curtain Pattern İNTEVA : A = 70.5 m2 - H = 300 cm (2 set)
  • Minaret Inner Curtain Pattern Climbing Brackets 150A : 16 pcs