Yapı Kataloğu - Nitelikli Mekan Yaratma Platformu

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  • Construction area: 649,520 m²
  • Office area: 221.000 m²
  • Residential area: 186,000 m²
  • Trade area:19.500 m²
  • Underground area: 223,020 m²
Master plan design, concept design project, license project (final project), architectural implementation project, multi-disciplinary project coordination, interior design project, interior architectural application project, system and point detail projects "Nidapark Küçükyalı" D-100 It has been designed with a concept that will add value to Istanbul on an urban scale, with its special location facing the (E5) highway, with direct connection from the Küçükyalı stop of the Kartal-Kadıköy metro line.
"Nidapark Küçükyalı", which will offer a rich variety of daily life for its users with residential, office and commercial mixed-use decisions, has aesthetic values ​​and an infrastructure equipped with modern technology that will create an attraction area for its immediate surroundings.
GF Hakan Plastik products were used in the clean water and wastewater installation systems of the Nidapark Küçükyalı mixed project, which is a Leed Certificate candidate. Turkey's first silent pipe, GF Silenta Premium, GF Aquasystem PP-R and PVC products were preferred in the project, which includes 12 residential blocks, 4 offices and commercial units.
The installation systems of the project, where the understanding of quality is felt at every point, also met with GF Hakan Plastik products. GF Silenta Premium, which contributes to increase the quality of the building as well as the quality of life, is a waste water pipe system made of PP material in accordance with DIN 1451, DIN 4109 and DIN 4102 system standards. Its three-layer mineral-reinforced composite structure provides silence in wastewater installation systems. The product, which has the feature of being Turkey's first silent pipe, reaches a sound intensity level of 13 dB (A) at a flow rate of 4lt/s, as measured by the German Fraunhnover Institute.
Eliminating factors such as calcification and rusting with its corrosion-resistant structure, GF Aquasystem PP-R provides 50 years of operation in hot and cold water use in accordance with PN 20-25 pressure classes. In addition to drinking water systems, GF Aquasystem PP-R systems can also be used in central heating systems, hot-cold water systems, air conditioning systems and solar collectors.
With the durable and impermeable PVC pipe systems used in infrastructure systems, the waste water drainage of the projects is established in a healthy way.