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Maltepe Piazza Project, which is situated on a 42 thousand square meter plot of land Ronesans Real Estate Investment purchased from the tender of İller Bankası in 2013 and has a construction area of 267.517 m²,, consists of a 29-storey residential block, a 21-storey office block, a 4-storey car park and a 5-storey shopping mall. The project includes 220 offices, 230 residences, 160 stores and 27 restaurants.

For 29 storey housing block, two full, one half sets (2.5 sets) of 2.200 m² HD 150 system floor formwork (scaffolding application, H20 over H20) were supplied for normal floor tiles with a height of 3.50 m. ½ set of 530 m² PANEMAX wall-column formwork was given for normal columns and curtains.

For a 21-storey office block, two full, one half sets (2.5 sets) of 3.950 m² HD 150 system floor molds (Table formwork, H20 over H20) were supplied for normal floor tiles with a height of 4.00 m. For normal floor columns and curtains, ½ set of 1.293 m² PANEMAX wall-column formwork is given. The flat columns turned into a circular column as the building rose and the diameters were reduced on all four floors. A total of 15 sets of Ø70 - Ø80 - Ø100 Ø120 - Ø130 cm diameter SCS system circular column formworks were given.
Furthermore; additional slab and curtain formworks were provided as rental for floors of 6,50 and 8,00 m height which were located at lower floors of residential and office blocks.

For AVM block, 14.000 m² HD 150 floor slab formwork (scaffolding application, H20 above H20), 468 m² of PANEMAX wall formwork, 530 m² of İNTEVA wall-column formwork systems were given.

“Wind Protection Curtains” were used in the 29-storey residential and 21-storey office blocks to provide maximum occupational safety and to cover the building 3.5 times with the aim of ensuring efficiency and protection from the wind.