SP16 (TGI-Spacer Precision)

Brand: Technoform

The perfect combination of the materials from which TGISpacer Precision is made, allows to minimize the U thermal transmittance values in the entire system, thus guaranteeing designers and customers a reliable basis for their calculations. TGI-Spacer Precision complies with EN-1279-2, 3, 4 and 6 standards and the quality requirements of the CEKAL marking. TGI-Spacer Precision is delivered in 6 meters length .

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All structure types

• Material: SAN 25 CF Alu Foil (AD)
• Application: High thermal performances spacer (Cut&corner)
• ID: TGI-Spacer Precision
• Length: 6.000 mm
• Connectors: NO pre-inserted

1279 - Cekal - Uv Resistance