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Pozitif Architecture

About the Company

Pozitif Mimarlık, founded in 2005 by the partnership of Ebru Tamer and Banu Hatipoğlu; is an architectural office that provides architectural project, interior and product design, project implementation and consultancy services. PM, whose aim is to create impressive buildings and spaces by integrating aesthetics and functionality, examines the expectations of individuals or companies in this direction, realizes user-specific projects and designs based on architectural elements, built with their demands and dreams.
Pozitif Mimarlık, which adopts the completion of the project in the foreseen budget and time without compromising the architectural values, achieves the targeted high quality in practice with expert teams and solution partners. PM, which does not leave the process by following the completed projects after delivery, makes the necessary touches to keep the space dynamic according to user demands.

Pozitif Architecture Products

Pozitif Architecture

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