Masonry Mortar (Insulation Mortar)

Brand: Kudret

Thermal insulation mortar is a general purpose masonry mortar which has been described for external uses in elements subject to carrier conditions. It is used when building bricks. In the mortar mixture, there are certain amounts of blasted perlite, ground brick aggregate, lime and cement. The thermal insulation mortar improves the thermal conductivity coefficient of the element used as wall material by 22%. The most important feature that separates from normal mortars is that it does not contain sand and it consists of light aggregates. By using thermal insulation mortar, you save both labor and material and prevent unnecessary waste of materials such as sand, lime and cement.

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Suitable for interior and exterior walls. It is designed for use in exterior and interior partitions of buildings and other structures within the field of civil engineering.

• Lightweight knitting mortar produced in TS EN 998-2 standard
• Type (TS EN 998 - 2): 1.0 Light type
• Order code: IYH
• Processing time: Min. 50 min
• Weight: 25 kg
• Compressive strength: M:2,5 category
• Thermal conductivity calculation value (h): 0.30 W/mK
• Volume weight: 980 kg/m³
• Initial shear strength: 0,15 N/mm²
• Reaction to fire: European class A1
• Chloride content: 0.002%

TS EN 998 - 2, TSE, CE