Movable Partition Wall Systems

Brand: Sepera

Sepera Move Movable Partition Wall Systems stand out with the elegance, ease of use and efficiency they add to the projects. Offering more living space to the user, products with rich alternatives enable the users to set the standards.

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1. Office / Business Centers
2. Official Institutions
3. Education
4. Mall / Retail
5. Airport
6. Transportation
7. Health
8. Industry
9. Cultural Centers
10. Restaurant & Bar

• Joints: Flexible wicks that can move outward apply pressure to the floor and ceiling rails via an axis, fixing the module. It provides uninterrupted horizontal connections by tolerating surface defects. The combination of the modules creates a perfect wall thanks to the vertically convex and convex profiles with channel depth and the magnetic tapes integrated into the profiles. Together with the insulation wicks, the system sealing required for sound insulation is provided.
• Movement: Modules are moved silently within the rail with vertical and horizontal pin/roller pieces connected to the rod, minimizing movement noises. Angled turns are made of aluminum casting material and are supported by ball reinforcements in the rail, ensuring easy use.
• Wing Thickness: 100mm
• Module Types: Telescopic Module, Standard Module, Door Module
• Joint Spacing: 6mm joint between modules
• Surface Types: 18mm melamine-coated MDF or chipboard, laminate-covered panel, fabric-covered panel, natural wood-covered panel, lacquered painted panel, marker-writable whiteboard laminated-covered panel, magnet-enabled laminated-covered panel, and project-specific surfaces…
• Sound Insulation Value: 38-55 dB
• Wings Used with the System: In the door module with steel box profile construction and guillotine mechanism, the frame and the wing fit together in detail. The wing outer coating can be preferred from wood that is compatible with the system thickness and surface.
• Accessories: The door handle, located in the square-shaped recessed pool integrated into the module, is stainless steel and is flush with the module surface.

EPD, FSC, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, LONG LIFE