Wood Repair Mastic and Paste&Fillers

Brand: BOEGH Consult Denmark A/S

Wood repair systems for parquets, furniture and all wooden surfaces

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For all indoor and outdoor wooden surface repair products. (wooden furnitures, parquets and plywood)

Polyamid based Thermelt wood repair system, mastic based indoor-outdoor repair paste, ready to use indoor furniture paste, powder filler for furnitures and wooden panels

Products: Thermal Knot Filler (Polyamide Hot Wood Filling), Wood Mastic E800 (Mastic indoor-outdoor wood sealant), Wood Filler (Water-based indoor wood furniture putty), Wood Mastic E850 Parquet Filler (Water-based parquet sealant) , Wood Mastic Powder Powder Paste

IKEA Test Specification IOS-MAT-0054