Custom Greenhouse Paint

Brand: CUBO

Alkyd binder based, matte anticorrosive paint with high covering power that provides primer and top coat application together.

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It is used in all kinds of iron and metal parts.

• Its covering, adhesion to the surface and ease of brushing are excellent.
• Prevents corrosion on iron parts.
• It is used to protect greenhouse irons and metal parts that are not in direct contact with sea water against rust.
• It does not require a top coat on the applied surface, does not turn yellow, has high resistance to physical and chemical effects.
• It is produced in WHITE, GRAY, BRIGHT RED and OXIDE RED colors.
• It is used by diluting 10-15% by volume with CUBO SYNTHETIC THINNER to bring it to the application viscosity.
(*) Consumption amount may vary depending on the surface, air temperature and application conditions. Controlled sample study should be done for definite consumption.