Bi’Boya Fresh Comfort

It is a water-based acrylic emulsion-based, ultra-low volatile / semi-volatile organic chemical compounds (VOC/SVOC) content and 87% formaldehyde removal feature at the end of 24 hours, increasing the air quality of the environment, friendly to human and environmental health, with a silky matte appearance. . Developed by Kalekim, Bi'Boya Fresh Comfort traps formaldehyde in the environment and turns it into harmless water vapor. It increases the air quality of your environment by removing 87% of formaldehyde in the environment at the end of 24 hours.

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It can be used in children's and baby rooms, hospitals, morgues, wood panel industry, all kinds of closed areas where smoking, airports with heavy human traffic, shopping malls and all kinds of interior spaces.

● It traps formaldehyde, which is released from different sources indoors (furniture, parquet, door, wooden cabinet, cigarette smoke, heater, etc.) and adversely affects human health, and turns it into harmless water vapor and prevents it from being released back. Thus, it contributes to the improvement of indoor air quality.
● Provides 87% formaldehyde removal after 24 hours.
● It is friendly to human and environmental health with its ultra-low volatile / semi-volatile organic chemical compounds (VOC/SVOC) content.
● It is registered as A+ according to the French VOC regulation.
● Compatible with Indoor Air Comfort and Indoor Air Comfort Gold. It complies with LEED certification.
● It has the feature of being wiped thanks to its special silk matte texture. The scrub class is Class 1.
● It has high hiding power. The covering class is Class 1 for 5.5 m2/L.
● Gloss Grade G2, Semi-Dull. In this way, it has a natural silk matte appearance.
● Odorless.
● It does not leave a roller mark, does not show any retouching. It allows buildings to breathe with its ability to expel the moisture formed inside.

Technical Specifications (23 °C and 50% RH)
General Information
● Colors: Thousands of colors obtained from white and A, B, C bases with Bi'Color Bank and Bi'Color Master
● Structure: Acrylic Emulsion Based
● Thinner: Water
● Density: Approx. 1.47 g/cm3

Application Information
● Application Temperature (+5°C) - (+35°C)
● Drying Time 4-6 hours for 2nd coat application
● Complete drying is 24 hours. Lower temperature and higher relative humidity extend the drying time.
● Consumption Average 0.06-0.1 L/m2 in one coat, depending on the roughness and absorbency of the surface.
● Application Tools Brush, roller, spray gun

Performance Information
● According to TS EN 13300;
● Gloss: Semi Matte
● Grain Size: Fine
● Covering Power: Class 1 (5.5m2 /L)
● Wet Scrub Resistance: Class 1