Brand: CUBO

It is 100% pure acrylic based, with PTFE (polytetra fluoro ethylene) and silicone, silky semi-matte glossy, fully erasable top coat interior paint.

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It is used on plaster, concrete, eternit, plaster, gypsum board and similar interior-exterior facades, especially on damp and northern facades.

• It can be used safely on surfaces where superior properties such as real wiping, dust-proofing, excellent adhesion to the applied surface, preventing capillary cracks with its oil-repellent and flexible structure, and breathing of surfaces thanks to its 100% pure acrylic binder, PTFE and special silicone additives.
• Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, ~12-16 m² (*) area can be painted in one layer with 1 Lt CUBO CONSEPT interior paint.

TS 5808