3D Street Furnitures

The aim of ISTON is to ensure the use of 3D printers, which have made great progress in many sectors today, in the building sector and to be a pioneer in the development of innovative concretes that can be used with 3D printers that differ from traditional concrete.

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Outdoor landscape applications, parks and gardens, prestige streets, shopping malls and business centers, indoor and outdoor spaces.

• Material: C55 / 67 high performance fiber-reinforced 3D concrete
• This new production technology has advantages such as faster production compared to mold manufacturing technology, requiring less labor and being able to produce without mold costs.
• It is expected that 3D printer technology will enable the production of difficult and curved concrete elements, and the production of building / building elements that have no boundaries in terms of architecture.
• In addition, with 3D printer technology, it is aimed to construct low-rise buildings at a lower cost and in a shorter time than traditional buildings.