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OSO Architecture

About the Company

Founded in 2007 by Ozan Bayık, Serhan Bayık and Okan Bayık, OSO Architecture Design İnş. From. Ltd. Sti. provides architectural and interior design services.
OSO Architecture, rapidly developing and changing new design methods and up-to-date material knowledge; has adopted a design process that combines construction economy with aesthetics and functionality and blends it with the vision of the future. In this direction, he believes in the necessity of different perspectives in a creative and functional design. Based on this idea, by incorporating 3 highly interrelated disciplines – architecture, interior architecture and civil engineering; OSO Architecture, which provides design, consultancy, project development and management, implementation, control and contracting services, realizes projects of different sizes and varieties both in the country and abroad. Its aim is not only to create a creative and original architectural value; At the same time, it is the optimization of the investment economy of the employer with the added value brought by the design.

OSO Architecture Products

OSO Architecture

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