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ONZ Architecture

About the Company

ONZ Architecture is a young and innovative office established in Ankara in 2007. As a multi-disciplinary office, it develops many projects at different scales from architecture to urban design. Thanks to its international network, the team, which is involved in many comprehensive projects in the country and especially abroad, aims to carry its architectural understanding beyond geographical borders.
As a team that believes that no architectural product can exist independently of its context, they produce projects by working with teams from many different disciplines from many different countries to produce architecture in a different context. Within this understanding, ONZ Architecture has recently received awards in many national and international architectural and urban design competitions, especially in New York, Chicago and Belgium. It was included in the shortlist in the category of “boutique architecture office of the year” at the Middle East Architectural Awards this year.
Believing that a better environment and healthier cities can be produced through architecture, the architectural team therefore considers sustainable design elements as a part of production in their projects. The team, which sees sustainable design not as a product added after design, but also as a design tool that guides and shapes design, also carries out many academic studies on this subject.
In addition to their projects, they contribute to the development of architectural culture by organizing exhibitions, workshops and events with international participants under the name of Creative Initiative. Many people in the team continue their academic studies as part-time lecturers at various universities in Turkey.


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ONZ Architecture

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