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NITA Architecture

About the Company

NITA (Qualified Designs Workshop) is a design office that develops and implements projects in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, urban design and product design with its functional aesthetic understanding. It was founded in 2014 by Serdar Kızıltaş and Zeynep Melike Atay Kızıltaş in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
NITA approaches all kinds of design problems - from the point of view that architecture has meanings beyond utilitarianism - with the necessity of being aesthetic as well as function. In this context, he realizes designs of different scales and types, from furniture design to urban design, at home and abroad, about how people should be positioned in the physical environment they live in. NITA, which made a name for itself with the "Expo 2016 Antalya Expo Tower Architectural Project Competition", which it won with its extraordinary design in June 2014, contributed to Turkey's first EXPO Event with its tower design. NITA continues its activities through its Istanbul and Antalya office opened in 2015.

NITA Architecture Products

NITA Architecture

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