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The New Generation Arçelik Store Has Taken Form With Artstone

The New Generation Arçelik Store Has Taken Form With Artstone

Being unique in terms of store concepts and exhibition methods , Arçelik ‘s new store is located in Istinye park. Artstone products are preferred in the exclusive exhibition areas of the store which is designed by Lunapark.

Different from the classical exhibition methonds, the products are scripted in small booths which are relevant to their daily usage. Artstone products played a key role in portraying these spaces.

For example, the personal care products are exhibited on a small hairdresser stand located inside the store one of Artstone ‘s products Ladrillo Vintage was used on the wall of this exclusive area to catch a sense of sincerity and reality via the bricky look.

On the walls of the room-like exhibition spaces where the TVs are located, the Hormigon Series by Artstone which brought the modern effect of the exposed concrete to the store and Anthracite coloured Zanzibar which created a futuristic design were used and led to unforgettable presentations for the customers.