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Paint Series that Simplifies Life by Alligator

Paint Series that Simplifies Life by Alligator

With Alligator's new Sketchy and Projectura products, you can write freely on your walls and project your presentation without a curtain.
Alligator, which directs the sector with its innovative products and superior quality, continues to carry the concept of paint to a decorative platform. Alligator, offering an alternative world with different techniques and solutions in interior spaces, has joined two new products within its functional product group.
Sketchy is a single component transparent interior wall paint with high writing and erasing performance.
Projectura reflects the image sent from the projection device on the surfaces where it is applied and creates an image that serves as a projection screen and can comfortably focus on the viewer without distributing light like normal surfaces. This special product color and content absorbs the bright part of the light and eliminates eye fatigue. Projectura is also a water-based, silicone-added, matte-looking functional interior paint.