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 MARMOMAC 2021: The Natural Stone Value Chain Gets Going Again At Veronafiere

MARMOMAC 2021: The Natural Stone Value Chain Gets Going Again At Veronafiere


Verona, 29 September 2021- Marmomac is once again attended in person and confirms its high level of internationality. 45% of the 756 exhibiting companies come from abroad, totalling 329 companies from 39 different countries. In particular, 80 companies have travelled from Turkey, 15 from Brazil, 11 from Egypt and 6 from Iran. And these figures are also backed up by numerous international delegations of buyers, architects and importers of slabs & technologies from the United States, Canada, Russia and the Maghreb (Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia) - crucial areas for the development of exclusive and luxury projects. These are some of the facts and figures for the 55th Marmomac, the most important world event dedicated to natural stone, granite, processing technologies, transport and lifting systems, applied design and services scheduled at Veronafiere from today until Saturday 2 October.

The inauguration this morning was attended by the President of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese, the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, the president of Confindustria Marmomacchine, Marco De Angelis, the CEO ICE Italian Trade & Investment Agency, Roberto Luongo, the president of the Province of Verona, Manuel Scalzotto, and the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia (their remarks are included at the end of this press release). The inauguration was followed by a musical interlude organized by the Arena Foundation performing the most famous airs of the opera festival.

Marmomac is the first international exhibition attended in person in Veronafiere's post-lockdown autumn calendar. To ensure maximum safety for operators, a great many Covid prevention measures have been implemented: a Green Pass must be presented at entrance gates where temperature scanners are also installed; there are 400 cameras capable of detecting and reporting any gatherings of people, as well as continuous sanitization of areas and air conditioning systems, a rapid swab point at the disposition of exhibitors and visitors.

The objective of providing additional services for exhibitors and operators saw the development of Marmomac Plus, the portal dedicated to the world of natural stone and a reference point for the sector 365 days a year. This platform enables companies in the supply chain to promote products, projects and their own digital events, while the public of professionals and operators benefits from an interactive and constantly updated database of companies at their disposition. Currently, 1,080 companies are registered with Marmomac Plus for a total of 45 represented countries, as well as more than 5,000 products and 900 projects. Over the four days of Marmomac, it will be possible to access all exhibition events through this platform, as well visit the brandroom of companies and start chats with them. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to stream their events at the trade fair on Marmomac Plus.

This edition also sees the debut of Marmomac Talks, with meetings, lectures and workshops to keep debate in the natural stone sector alive and up-to-date through reports by professionals and experts. Marmomac Talks will take place in three areas set up in strategic locations in Halls 2, 7 and 12 so that everyone attending the trade fair in person will be able to move around easily and broadly to avoid creating crowds.

Marmomac Talks will also see technologies take the stage with Marmo+Tech: a space for dissemination and comparison where companies will speak to an audience of technicians, plant managers and product developers to share case histories and best practices - as well as to outline technical innovations at the service of stone processing companies.

Many other appointments are scheduled, including those with the curators and designers of the exhibitions hosted by The Italian Stone Theatre - Time in Stone. The central theme of the installations in halls 11 and 12 is Time, an intangible component that especially distinguishes natural stone from artificial products. The works on display deal with topics including design and architecture, art and university experimentation, as well as involving important furniture brands.

The Icon Award also returns this year: it was established in 2016 with the aim of selecting the work whose aesthetic impact and symbolic value will become the image for the communication campaign for the next show. As of this edition, there will no longer be a jury: the public will choose the winning work by voting directly at the trade fair using the multimedia totems, smartphones with qrCode or sharing on social networks, using hashtags allowing the post to be tracked.

REMARKS (in order of intervention)

Maurizio Danese, President of VeronaFiere: "Veronafiere has made a major commitment to the world of natural stone because Marmomac is its “home”, because it belongs to and represents all its protagonists. This is the spirit that guided us in designing and creating an edition through which we aim to provide effective assistance towards the recovery of this important Made in sector Italy, which before Covid was worth almost 3.9 billion euros on a national scale, with a total of 3,200 companies and around 34,000 employees. Resuming the attended in person format this year after the lockdown with the highest safety standards is a positive sign and a further step towards the return to normality."

Federico Sboarina, Mayor of Verona: "This is a day we will be unable to forget – Marmomac, after two years, sees the return of major international fairs, the pride and joy of Verona proving that it can react and start again quickly. A restart that confirms Veronafiere's strategic role as an economic driving force. Without the Verona Exhibition Centre, our city would not be the same in terms of jobs, international standing and business turnover. This awareness is fortunately firmly acknowledged by the institutions belonging to the so-called 'Verona System', which is why the increase in equity capital, approved in mid-April, was strongly supported by all parties concerned. An economic commitment undertaken with the aim of new investments and to implement the business plan."

Roberto Luongo, CEO of ICE-Trade Agency: "I am delighted happy to be able to take part in the 2021 edition of Marmomac, at a time when we are returning to normality and of significant recovery for the economy and exports alike. This event has been the reference platform for the natural stone industry for many years and, in addition to its strong commercial character, over time it has also become a landmark for architects, designers, trend setters and opinion leaders in the sector. Once again this year, ICE Trade Agency supported this event with incoming operators in the sector and, following huge success during the 2019 edition, an exhibition space will again be dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies in the sector."

Manuel Scalzotto, President of the Province of Verona: "When the Province was asked to support the development of Veronafiere alongside the other shareholders, we responded positively, convinced of the need to consolidate a strategic pole for the City of Verona and its local area. Marmomac - at last attended in person again - is an international expression of a fundamental and historical sector for our province and Italy as a whole. It is a sector that has proudly taken products and know-how from Verona all over the world."

Marco De Angelis, President of Confindustria Marmomacchine: "Data for the first six months of the year confirm a decisive recovery in exports for the Italian natural stone and technology industry, which represents over 70% of overall turnover in the sector. International sales of natural stones posted strong growth, up by more than 33% compared to the first half of 2020, while related processing technologies achieved an increase of just under 40%. We hope that this trend will continue through the second half of 2021, thereby taking our sector back to its turnover levels in 2019, not the least thanks to a positive dynamics even on the domestic market."

Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region: "The economy is restarting. After two years, we are back in Verona for an event that confirms the world leadership of Italian companies in a sector that once again sees the Veneto Region excel in terms of companies - as many as 1,200 - and production levels. I am happy and proud that 39 countries from all over the world are here with us today. It is an important signal. After the long pandemic period, here today we can highlight how the Veneto Region and Verona have returned to the centre of the economic world far beyond national boundaries. The economy has restarted and Marmomac shows how the world of natural stone has resumed doing business and personal relationships. It is an important showcase which restores confidence and offers encouraging prospects for the entire sector."