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Kalekim İzopur Trans Easily Applied Waterproofing on Balconies and Terraces!

Kalekim İzopur Trans Easily Applied Waterproofing on Balconies and Terraces!

İzopur Trans, Kalekim’s transparent waterproofing material, provides waterproofing on balconies and terraces covered with all kinds of materials without causing an aesthetic loss.

With Izopur Trans, which is transparent, it is possible to provide aesthetic loss for waterproofing of balconies and terraces covered with materials such as ceramics, granite and marble and to provide waterproofing without breaking the existing coating. İzopur Trans is also used for the protection and insulation of glass bricks, natural stone, wood or bamboo surfaces.

The water accumulated in the terraces and balconies due to rain and snow seeps from the floor concrete even if proper evacuation measures are taken and causes various problems in the spaces. Similarly, the inclination of the balcony and terrace concrete during the construction of the building, the decrease in application quality, inadequate drainage pipes and similar problems cause water to leak into the building over time.

Izopur Trans, which is offered as a solution to these problems and can be applied easily, is resistant to UV rays, water and frost and does not yellow. Surfaces achieve long-lasting waterproofing while retaining their aesthetic appearance, while being easy to clean.

Suggestions for Best Results

İzopur Trans System, which provides waterproofing on existing ceramics on balconies and terraces, should be started with 3455 İzopur Trans P, which is a ceramic surface primer. The existing ceramic surface to be applied must be clean, dry, sound and free of dust, dirt, oil and similar residues that prevent adhesion and the surface moisture should be below 5 percent. One-component, ready-to-use, easy and fast application 3455 İzopur Trans P increases the adhesion strength of the 3454 İzopur Trans waterproofing material to be applied on glossy and non-absorbent surfaces. 3455 İzopur Trans P should be applied over the whole surface with a clean and dry cloth.

Application Time

3454 İzopur Trans is applied on surfaces such as ceramics, tiles, glass in balconies and terraces thanks to its special formula; is a polyurethane based waterproofing material that provides waterproofing without the need for laborious renovation works such as dismantling and breaking. 3454 İzopur Trans should be applied in two coats by means of a brush or roller until it covers the entire surface and joints. 12 hours after the first coat application (within 36 hours at the latest), the second coat application should be started. For better waterproofing and higher weather resistance, the third coat 3454 İzopur Trans is recommended.