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MONS Architecture

About the Company

MONS, which is the abbreviation of Quality Presentations in the Architectural Environment and also means the highest point on the body structure in the Medical Dictionary, has become the title of the company.
Based on the definition in the medical dictionary, M.O.N.S Mimarlık, which has a slogan introduced as "The highest point of design", was founded in 2015 in Maltepe, Istanbul by Architect A. Faruk Yıldırım, who has a master's thesis on wooden structures and carrier systems.
Within the company, in the field of interior architecture; Decoration projects and applications are carried out, especially for offices, cafes and restaurants with wooden materials.
It provides services in the field of architecture with the design and coordination works of industrial buildings, mainly BIM applications.
It produces projects in the field of residences, villas, minimal wooden houses, and also carries out the design and implementation of fast production and useful houses.
M.O.N.S Mimarlık, which has electrical and mechanical engineers working in BIM-weighted electro-mechanical works, and competent civil engineer teammates who can make static solutions of steel and wooden structures; It has gained customer satisfaction with its architectural, interior architecture, electro-mechanical, static and landscape solutions and has made it its primary goal.

MONS Architecture Products

MONS Architecture

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