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About the Company

Mimaristudio, since 1995, Turkey 's leading architecture and design office in the accumulation of architectural and interior design work carried out, under the leadership of Leader was established in 2006, KUL KUL and Ayça S. AKKAYA.
Mimaristudio is an architectural office that mainly provides interior design and project work services to national and international groups. In particular, it addresses different topics such as qualified new generation workplaces and offices, experience and technology centers, lab-offices, hospitality venues, accommodation and congress centers with a design approach based on biophilic design and well-being.
Mimaristudio interprets the modern architectural principles it defends by following technological developments and practices, and develops projects in different subjects and contents by combining these developments with the values ​​of the past and the present.
The company, whose main purpose is to provide original, innovative, contemporary and quality service, aims to construct functional, clear and aesthetic spaces by considering every project it carries out within the internal conditions of the project and adding innovative and different solutions to these conditions.
After extensive research studies before each new project, it carries out the projects it has shaped with the original designs it has revealed, with a teamwork and project solution partnership approach by collaborating with experts and institutions in the field. Architectural and interior architectural projects, application and application control studies, along with these studies, the project of different disciplines such as construction, static, electrical, mechanical, lighting, acoustic, visual design, landscape, project management and applications, as well as project-specific furniture and lighting designs their production also provides services.

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