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MAS Architecture
MAS Architecture

MAS Architecture

  • Süleyman Seba Cad. Acısu Sok. No:5/3 Maçka, 34357, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Türkiye
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Founded by Kerim Miskavi in ​​2018, MAS is an Istanbul-based architecture and design office. With its concept-oriented and experimental approach, it undertakes projects of various scales and areas, from furniture to urban transformation projects. MAS, which has completed many interior design projects with residential, office and commercial content in the past three years, including NAYA Studio, which was selected for the 2020 Turkey Architecture Yearbook, also continues to work on all phases of architectural projects undertaken in Turkey and abroad, from concept design to application supervision.
Considering the conceptual framework of architecture as well as project practice, MAS aims to be a part of this international intellectual dialogue through various platforms. In this direction, his installation named “Barjeel”, inspired by the traditional wind towers of the gulf geography, was exhibited at Dubai Design Week 2019, and was awarded the Purchase Award with its participation in the Bizimköy Architectural Project Competition of Erenköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Training and Research Hospital held in 2020. .
MAS aims to produce ideas and projects that make a difference, thanks to its experience covering a wide geography, mutual trust relationship with the employer, collective teamwork and meticulous design process.