Architectural Stretching Membrane

Brand: Neta

It is the hanging stretching membrane systems which are heavy-weight and resistant to the outer place conditions and which could be encountered frequently recently in newly-built structures. Because the material is textile, it could present some boutique designs without being dependant on the standards and it could add value to the architecture with the flexible designs in compliance with the function and application area.

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Commercial, cultural buildings, sports complexes, open spaces

Steel, Fabric

It provides complete shading by means of its Mehler-brand black-out fabric feature. It has endurance to be used in the outer spaces easily under the winter conditions as well. By means of its heavy-weight, flexible, curvilinear structure, this decorative and enduring structure system is an indispensable solution partner for all of the projects.

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001 (Fabric, Steel Profiles and Fasteners)