Quartz Sinks

Brand: Silestone Integrity

Silestone is the world's leading mineral surface brand with over 100 colors and three different surface textures. High resistence to stain, scratch and low porosity and low maintenance makes Silestone ideal for kitchens, baths, hotels, restaurants, and laboratories. Integrity sink manufactured with same Silestone colors gives your kitchens a feeling of continuity. Produced as a uniform body Integrity sinks have the same uniqe specifications with Silestone surfaces.

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Sinks for kitchen countertops.

Single sink (41x51cm);
Double sink (34x37cm and 51x37cm);
Large (67x43,5cm) dimensions,
40 colors
Resistance to scratch, stain and impact

Greenguard, Greeanguard Gold, NSF, LGA, ISO 14001, EPD, CradletoCradle