Quartz Based Composite Kitchen Countertops

Brand: Silestone, Dekton

Silestone is the world's leading mineral surface brand with over 100 colors and three different surface textures. High resistence to stain, scratch and low porosity and low maintenance makes Silestone ideal for kitchens, baths, hotels, restaurants, and laboratories. Without any synthetic binder Dekton consists of only natural materilals. The ultracompakt Dekton surface’s color does not fade, always stay as the first day. Resistance to heat, chemical materials, scratch and liquids makes it an ideal material for countertops.

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Silestone: Kitchen countertops, panels, sinks, bathroom countertops, shower trays, wall cladding, floors, stairs, thresholds, skirts and furnitures
Dekton: Kitchen countertops, interior-exterior floors, wall claddings, stairs, facades, inside and around swimming pools.
Silestone and Dekton also offers solutions for heavy foot traffic areas like shopping malls, hospitals, and airports

High resistance to scratch, impact, sta,n, low water absobtion
12, 20 and 30 mm thickness
304x138 cm slab size
25 years warranty

High resistance to scratch, impact, stain, UV and heat. Nonflammable.
8, 12, 20 mm thickness
320x144 cm slab size
10 years warranty

Greenguard, Greeanguard Gold, NSF, LGA, ISO 14001, EPD, CradletoCradle

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