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Kim Architecture
Kim Architecture

Kim Architecture

KİM Mimarlık was founded in 2014 in Kadıköy, the most popular district of Istanbul, in order to provide functional and innovative solutions for the spatial needs and tastes of its customers and to respond to their expectations in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, design and application.
The originality of KİM Mimarlık, which combines customer satisfaction-oriented, original designs that do not break with the architectural discipline, with a meticulous application, is nourished by dynamism and perfectionism.
In the working environment, projects are handled at every scale that people touch from city to building, and visuals to be obtained by using 3-dimensional programs at every stage of the design are brought together with customers at various scales.
Following innovative architectural materials that integrate with today's energy performance design approach and applying them in all their details is the primary goal of KIM Architecture to produce designs that are always young.
KİM Mimarlık aims to produce concept solutions that will highlight their corporate identity and products to companies in different sectors, and offers all kinds of professional solutions to its customers in urban transformation, store & exhibition stand design and applications.