MW2210-1'' Motorized Water Valve

Inohom Motorized Ball Valve (MW2210) has on/off type or 3-point type actuator and compact structure. It consists of W6BV… series ball valve with stable operation, excellent water stopping capacity, large water flow, zero pollution block and low torque. Inohom motorized ball valves are widely used in HVAC system, heating system, water treatment system and some industrial equipment.

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Housing, villas etc.


• Supply Voltage 230VAC ±15% 50/60Hz
• Power Consumpton 6W (Max)
• Inputs ve Outputs 1/2", 3/4", 1"
• Torque 2,5 N.m
• Valve Type 2 Way
• Pipe Connector Internal Gear
• Operation Time 50Hz - 19s , 60Hz - 15s
• Protection Class IP 54
• Operating Temperature -5°C - +50°C device, 2°C - 90°C Valve Temperature
• Relative Humidity %0 - %90 Humid Environment
• Nominal Pressure PN16 ( 16 Bar, 232 Ps, 1.6MPa)
• Dimension 49mm x 43mm x 29mm
• Installation Valve Top Mounting
• Valve Body Forged Brass, Hpb59-1
• Top Chromium Plated Brass
• Top Gasket EPDM+PTFE
• Handle Gasket EPDM O-ring