Pendant Lighting | Flat Cloud Lighting

Brand: Feltouch

Flat Cloud Lighting models of the Plativity Collection provides wide range of colours and dimensions with ease of use. The product makes it the ideal and simple acoustic solution for commercial, hospitality, educational and institutional projects. Flat Cloud can be placed above workstations, meeting tables and collaboration areas. Flat Cloud Ligthing brings great benefits for treatment of sound reverberation with an easy install hanging solutions.

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• Material: %50 PET POLYESTER + %50 POLYESTER
• High Acoustic performance (EN-11654) up to class A
• Fire Reterdant and self-extinguishing (EN-13501) B,S1,d0
• Low VOC, formaldehyde-free (ISO-14184)
• Superior thermal insulating 0,040 W/mK
• Light fastness grade 6+ (ISO-105 B02)
• %99.9 Antibacterial structure (ISO-20743)
• Long lasting moulded and resistant to impact, moisture and humidity
• Compared to alternative materials; they are extremely lightweight, apx.1,5kg / M2
• Designed for easy assembly and installation
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner

• Quality and Warranty Documents:
ASTM C423 - ISO 354 - ISO 20743 - ISO 1833 - ISO 9237 - ISO 4920 - ISO 14419 - ISO 105 B02 - ISO 14184 - SNV 195 651 - CDPH STANDARD METHOD v1.2-2017
• 50% recycled pet use
• Produced product is 100% recyclable