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İkiartıbir Architecture

About the Company

Ikiartıbir Architecture which was formed by three architects who came together in 2004, is an architectural office focused mainly on project service. The group, which provides project services at various scales, has also received national awards by participating in project competitions. The fact that the office structuring is in Izmir gives the opportunity to evaluate the local potential of Izmir and its surroundings contrary to the unmanned propositions of architecture made in developed metropolises.
The office, which had the chance to design mainly in small-scale settlements, had the chance to design and implement public buildings in settlements such as Kadirli, Ödemiş, Kiraz, and Alaçatı. In addition to this, the activities of thinking and researching on architecture and examining current architectural problems together with the students continue in the architectural project studios in which the team members participated as executives in various universities in Izmir.


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İkiartıbir Architecture

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