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I-AM Architecture

About the Company

I-AM is a multidisciplinary design and brand experience agency, consisting of architects, industrial designers, communicators and graphic designers, aiming to provide 360 ​​degree service to its clients. While I-AM is signing exciting new brands, it also develops new designs for existing brands within the scope of customer experience. While creating world-class customer experiences, it also builds impressive online applications to support them.
Under the management of the founding partners Emre Kuzlu, Emin Ertuğrul Yurdakul, Jon Blakeney, Pete Champion and Pero Trivunovic, I-AM, Garanti Bank, Turkcell, Brisa, Avea, Odeabank, Mey Diageo, UniCredit, FerahFeza, Diesel, Nationwide, Turkish Airlines, etc. It also carries out projects with prominent brands in the world.
Founded with the opening of its London office in 1997, I-AM provides services for brands from many different sectors such as retail, banking, accommodation, telecommunication all over the world with its office opened in Istanbul in 2007, Mumbai in 2011 and Dubai in 2014. I-AM's studios in different countries and cities nurture the company's multicultural design approach with an international perspective on customer needs and behavior patterns.
I-AM works with a team of more than 130 employees in 4 different offices. The team members include architects, interior designers, communicators, graphic designers, industrial product designers, environmental designers, interactive media designers. This international team, which comes from different schools and cultures, is also responsible for the projects of I-AM, which creates the service content according to the needs of the brand it works for.
One of the most important values ​​that differentiates I-AM's business is its methodology. I-AM's research and analysis process is carried out by I-AM Insight, the research team led by Erdem Demir. Going beyond traditional market research and using many qualitative research techniques from the field of design, the team provides in-depth user and customer information for architectural, brand and digital design projects.
In addition to in-depth design research, I-AM's "Brand Key" and "Customer Journey" workshops conducted prior to each project, create a brand definition and an experience strategy accordingly. In this way, a unique expression is created for each brand. Believing that different customer journeys in different sectors should interact with each other, I-AM acts with the belief that a bank has a lot to learn from a retail store and a retail store from a hotel, and produces information and design solutions in this direction.
While more than 80% of today's consumers prefer to pay more for a better experience, I-AM creates the ideal experience journey for customers for each brand and designs it based on brand values, personality and ultimately brand essence.


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I-AM Architecture

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