Wall-mounted Type Split Air Conditioning | FAIRY

Brand: Gree

Fairy series has a seasonal energy class of A++ in cooling and A+ in heating (on average). Pular series, which is among the leading air conditioners in its class with high energy savings, can cool at -15C outdoor weather conditions. Tricolor Vitamin C + kitin + deodorizing multi-filter system maximizes indoor air quality. Thanks to the Auto Clean (self-washing) feature, getting rid of dust/dirt and self-drying at the same time. Wifi control comes as standard in the device. With the Cold Plasma technology, the air conditioner emits positive and negative ions to the room, destroying the bacteria all over the room.

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Suitable for all kinds of homes and offices, shops, etc.

• 4 capacities as wall mounted 9000-12.000-18,000 BTU/h - 24.000 BTU/h
• R32 refrigerant flow
• A++ energy efficiency in cooling mode, A+ energy efficiency in heating mode
• Cooling at -15~ 43 C outside temperature
• Heating at -15~ 24 C outside temperature
• Auto Clean feature
• 3 sleep modes
• Quiet operation
• Cold Plasma
• WIFI control
• Turbo mode
• Dehumidification feature
• Energy saving and stand by feature
• Ultra wide electrical operating range 130 V - 275 V AC
• Multi functional filter (vitamin C + chitin + deodorizing filter)

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV, EMC
6 years warranty