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Güçlen Tekeli

About the Company

It was established by Güçlen Tekeli, which started working in the sector in 2005. Güçlen Tekeli, which has done architectural projects, interior design and applications for many construction companies, provides architectural consulting and audit services; also provides residential, business center, office, cafe-restaurant, hotel, clinic, mixed –use projects and recreational-social space designs and applications.
Güçlen Tekeli” architectural solutions " philosophy:
Güçlen Tekeli Mimarlık's team, which you can recognize from its projects in every detail, consists of competent professionals in its field who are full of desire to design. Their project is a law. Each of them must be unique to itself, for which he works without recognizing the concept of overtime. It carries a concern for places with character for our cities and portable architecture for our world. Considering architecture as a competition in itself, Güçlen Tekeli Mimarlık Office competes not with anyone but with itself. He has also made and still making his own inferences from the competition culture.
Güçlen Tekeli Architectural Solutions, in its philosophy, likens each plot, mass, form and all the inputs it considers to design to the most valuable ores. These ores can only turn into jewels that will find value in expert hands.

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Güçlen Tekeli

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