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GNT Interior Architecture
GNT Interior Architecture

GNT Interior Architecture

  • Gürsel Mah. İmrahor Cad. No:29 Premier Kampüs Ofis A Blok Kat:1 A-45, Kağıthane, İstanbul, Türkiye
GNT İç Mimarlık; is a project-design office that develops architectural and interior architectural projects with its scientific and artistic infrastructure, where aesthetics and function are interpreted together, and with the smallest details of personalized space designs.
It was founded in 2007 in Istanbul by H. Güliz Tavukçuoğlu, who started doing freelance works in 2003. It has carried out more than 200 projects, both large and small, in various sectors.
With the production of architectural projects, decoration projects for Mc Donald's restaurants and Quick restaurants, which are common in France, and the coordination of other technical infrastructure and engineering project disciplines, with the selection of materials and the production of appropriate details for these materials. It has signed nearly 100 projects.
Design and application of fast-food, cafe, office, store sector as well as health center, villa, shopping center, exhibition stand, office / general directorate and factory exterior design and arrangement of chemical cargo tanker living areas, mainly in restaurant projects. and supervision services were provided.
Among the architectural projects, the facade design of the Elif Plastik factory building, the additional units of the Büyük Ev Cafe - Restaurant building and the new building design in accordance with the design and purpose were completed in coordination with the static project groups. Also as a production facility; Coca Cola İçecek Inc. has signed joint project works with Net Mühendislik by executing Turkmenistan / Ashgabat factory building expansion architectural projects in Phase-I, Phase II and Phase-III, in coordination with mechanical-static-electricity disciplines.
By doing boutique-quality works, delivering the projects undertaken on time, designing well and correctly designed spaces where people are the focal point, adding our love to our projects with the principles of completing the work within the scope, quality, cost and time criteria, we continue our works with pleasure.