Habit, designed by the Bürosit Arge team with the philosophy of "the classic is the eternal"; It appeals to a wide range of managers from different formations, offices and living spaces built with different building materials. The most important feature that makes Habit valuable is that it has a robust and long-lasting structure behind its thin and aesthetic appearance. Thus, the areas where the Habit product is located, preserve their identity for a long time and set the precedent of a strong corporate. Habit, which can be sized according to the area of ​​the office with its single, double and triple options, offers comfort and durability together with its cutting sponge structure and chrome plated metal legs.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government institutions, hotels, airports and universities.

Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric

• The inner frame of the sofa is produced from baked beech wood by giving a form in accordance with body ergonomics.
• Cutting sponge is used in the seat and backrest areas.
• Optional leather, artificial leather and fabric are used.