Waveshelf Bookcase

Waveshelf bookcase designed by Feza Ökten Koca for the brand FEZA was brought to life with a search for a simple and fluid, naive and surprising design. Unlike the rectangular forms of the books it contains, each of its vertical and horizontal components has a very soft appearance with different amorphous forms. Waveshelf library is aimed to be a furniture that is close to human with its form inspired by nature.

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It can be used for display and storage purposes in all kinds of interior decoration such as residences, offices, education facilities, libraries.

• The design was created by combining the 1 cm thick MDF wood with lacquered painted shelves and studs with an interlocking system.
• Hiding the connecting elements with fine details has been the elements that reveal the naivety and meticulousness of the design.
• It can be produced in different sizes and colors.