ABS Level | Disposable Formworks

The ‘Level’ series of ABS Disposable Formworks offers fixed heights of 5, 10 and 15 cm to create reinforced concrete raised floors in commercial or industrial structures quickly, easily and extremely economically. The formworks are made of recycled plastic and are specifically designed to enable cable trays and/or plumbing pipes to pass through them. The products can be used alternatively to modular raised floor applications with metal pedestals. Moreover, commercial areas that are conventionally filled with 8–10 cm of dry screed to obtain a smooth concrete finish can be constructed as a reinforced concrete raised floor using ABS Level disposable formworks and junction boxes, which allows electrical and mechanical installations to pass through them. The space that normally would have been lost, can now be added to the usage area of the building.

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Lightweight Filling on Floor
Level variations between different usage areas in a building can be eliminated by using ABS Disposable Formworks to construct reinforced raised floors. The structure becomes only as heavy as the concrete in the legs and the topping concrete that covers the disposable formworks. The ABS Disposable Formwork is the lightest application that can be made on any floor of the structure.

Sunken Slab Filling
In commercial buildings in particular, sunken slabs may be required on ground floors or podium areas. By using ABS Disposable Formworks, these areas can be raised to the height specifications of architectural plans. Constructing reinforced concrete raised floors by using ABS Disposable Formworks is one of the lightest and most practical solutions to leveling differences.

Landscape Filling
ABS Disposable Formworks are preferred not only because they are the lightest filling application. Thanks to the fact that they do not interrupt the drainage slope, they are also the preferred choice for constructing hard surfaces in landscape projects, and they completely eliminate the risk of long-term cracks.

Inverted Beam Filling
In some cases, due to technical or architectural reasons, drop beams are not the best choice for ceilings. Instead, beams are made on the upper slab as an “inverted beam.” In order to use this type of slab/flooring (in car parks, for example), it is necessary to lightly fill in the space between the beams and cover the area with concrete. ABS Disposable Formworks allow the application of the lightest type of filling.

Filling Between Foundation Footings
ABS Disposable Formworks can be used very effectively to fill the space between the column/wall footings on top of a raft foundation. As the space to be filled is, ironically, 95% hollow, it can be used for MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) installation passages. The same void space can help prevent flooding as well.

Car Park Ramp
Car park ramps that are constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks are lighter and more economical than conventional shear wall and beam designs.

Pool Deck Slab Filling
Constructing a swimming pool on a flat reinforced concrete foundation or a floor slab is much easier and more economical than other designs. Once the sheer walls of the pool are erected, the pool deck can be constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks. Because the inside of the filling is empty, it can be used for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) installation passages as well.

Elevator/Staircase Hallway Filling
In office buildings where modular raised floors are used, variations in level between elevator and staircase hallways and the office space are eliminated in the most economical and lightest way by using ABS Disposable Formworks. Because the inside of the filling is empty, it can be used for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) installation passages.

Crawl Space Construction
ABS Disposable Formworks can be used to raise the ground floor of a structure above the natural ground level, allowing fast and easy construction of a crawl space.

Reinforced Concrete Raised Floor
Reinforced concrete floors constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks are 95% empty, so the void space can be used for passing MEP (electrical, mechanical and plumbing) installations in a manner similar to that used for modular raised floors on steel pedestals.

• Most economic application: ABS Disposable Formworks are more than 60% less expensive than modular raised floors with metal pedestals and composite panels.
• Passage of technical installations: Almost any sort of technical (electrical, mechanical, etc.) installations can be passed through the empty space that is created beneath the reinforced raised floor. By using junction boxes fixed at certain intervals, the space can be accessed from above at very low operational cost.
• High load bearing capacity: Hundreds of columns, arches and domes are created in the concrete, forming a continuous structure with a very high load-bearing capacity.
• Continuous concrete surface: Any sort of covering (epoxy paint, wood flooring, asphalt, etc.) can very easily be applied on the surface.
• Installation of separators: Any sort of separator can be installed directly on the concrete surface.
• Fast and easy installation: Installation can be as fast as 100 m2/hour and requires no skilled labor.
• Heat and sound insulation: The void spaces can provide a degree of heat and sound insulation and, if properly ventilated, can also deter humidity and mildew.
• Environmental value: Because the formworks are made of recycled PP, they help gain considerable LEED certificate points.