Cup-Lock Type Scaffolding

Brand: Portisan

Cup-lock Type Scaffolding is a system used as both high load carrier and facade scaffolding. It is a scaffolding system with high strength and safety values used in heavy floors and high structures. In particular, it is used as under slab formwork. Installation and dismantling is very easy. It is assembled and disassembled in series using simple hammer. There is no risk of loss because it is on parts.

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Exterior facade applications, interior volume applications, ship industry, industrial works

• It provides a safe and fast connection.
• The combination of horizontal elements and vertical elements can be easily achieved without the need for elements such as wedges, nuts. It has height adjustment facility by means of upper and lower adjustment jacks.
• System; it consists of uprights with lower and upper cups and the connection of horizontal elements with forged heads that prevent buckling of the uprights.
• Easy To Install
• High Assembled
• Material: Q235 Steel

EN 3834-3, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007
TSE 12810-1