Onto PVC Coated Panel (Chipboard / Calcium Sulphate Core)

PVC coated panel alternatives; office, server, computer rooms, such as intensive circulation is preferred in all commercial areas. Heterogeneous / homogeneous commercial type PVC floor coverings are recommended for the user's needs. Aluminum foil or galvanized steel coating alternatives are available in the panel surface.

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Office, store, showroom, training facility, health facility, airport

PVC, Chipboard, Galvanized steel

Top Coating: 0.2mm homogeneous / heterogeneous PVC
Bottom Coating: 0,5mm galvanized steel
Inner Filling Material: High density chipboard
Edge Coating: 0,40mm antistatic PVC

ISO 14001-2004 Certificate, OHSAS 18001-2007 Certificate, ISO 9001-2008 Certificate