Access Floor Systems | Calcium Sulphate Cored Encapsulated Panel


A kind of flooring system which provides easy distribution of the cables, mechanical systems and ductworks underneath the floor, and capable of passing outputs from desired points. The system is durable, because it is resistant to moisture, water and fire.

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Office, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, airports, hotels, universities, switchboard operators, data and call centers

The panels which sizes are 60x60 cm, filled lightweight concrete inside, and also in the form of a capsule which formed by boiling ST14 steel from top and bottom. The advantage given by the special panel structure is capable of carrying point weight up to 1100 kg (2,5x2,5 cm²).

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KS (Korea Standard), SGS Report, QAS Report, Intertek CE Report, CISCA 2003-2004 Report, VOC Repor, Anti-static Report, MOB Report, KS Report