IVC Moduleo 55

Brand: Moduleo

IVC Moduleo 55 combines the elegance of natural stone and wood with the durability of PVC. Stylish 32 color options make it easy to choose from. Protectonite® PU layer provides protection against moisture and increased abrasion resistance. In this way, it can be used even in wet areas. All Moduleo® collections provide sound absorption and keep the heel noise in ideal comfort.

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Residential, office, store, showroom, training facility, health facility, etc.


Total Thickness: 2,35mm
Wear Layer Thickness: 0,40mm

Certification ISO 9001, Certification ISO 14001, ENP461 BREEAM Certificate of Validation, FloorScore
Fire Class: Bfl-s1
Residential use is guaranteed for 15 years.