Anti-slip and Antibacterial Roll PVC

Brand: Altro

Thanks to the mineral parts used throughout its thickness and the aluminum oxide material that is as hard as the diamond on its surface, its slip resistance is very high and durable. Thanks to its wide range of products, it meets many different needs.

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Hospitals, operating rooms, industrial kitchens, food factories, wet areas, laboratories, offices, shopping malls, airports

It is resistant to abrasion, water and many chemicals.
It is antibacterial. Hospital microbes cannot breed on this material.
It was easy to apply, it does not lose its anti-slip throughout its life.
It has sound absorption feature and provides walking comfort.
Cleaning and maintenance is easier with Easy Clean technology.

Leed, Breeam, EN 685 (34/43 class), BAM (E9), EN 425, IMO Marine, HACCP, 10 Years Warranty in Commercial Areas

Sabiha Gökçen Airport
Medical Park
Ankara Hilton
Pepsico Fritolays
Belek Carya Hotel
Nasetti Ambulance
Mc donalds
Mekisan Elevator